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Goodbye Digital, Hello Prints!

Texture and colors are beautiful and you know exactly how they will look!

I love having unique images I have created from start to finish. Making changes is always worrisome, but after some thought I am ready to take the next steps. I am starting to make change in hopes most will understand. The new age of all digital has made me come to realize. As we get older and our children get older they will not have any actual photographs. This saddens me as I love looking at my photographs as a child, there is just something about holding those pictures. Viewing them as a print and not on a screen. That feeling is something we should all have experience with. We should have pictures in albums and pictures to hold and share not on our electronics.Our children deserve this too. So I am now making change and leaning more in the direction of printing the images I create. I know this isn't for everyone, but I can make a promise one day you will be happy to have these photographs. I will offer the same great experience with many payment options. Sometimes change is good, Right?

~Jessica Lynn

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