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    This Collection can be a truly rewarding session. When you leave you leave feeling beautiful, sexy and more confidant than you could ever imagine. No matter your size 0-100 you are sexy and beautiful in your own way. Give it a try, Let me show you. 

    Maybe you need a little pick me up in your marriage, this will definitely leave any husband wowed! It's a perfect wedding day gift, a gift like no other. If not for someone else maybe you need a little pick me up. This session will assure you just how beautiful you are. It's time to let out your inner sexy and leave the rest up to me. I will capture you in the most flattering ways and poses that fit you body type and personality. You won't even believe your eyes and you will leave feeling sexier than ever. Don't think about it. Now is the perfect time to be comfortable in your own skin.  

What you should know and prepare :

Each session is typically about 1 1/2 hours long 

2-3 outfit changes is more than enough to give you a variety of looks.

Make up is included come with your hair ready.

Wear loose clothing the day of your session to prevent any marks on your skin.

Do Not use self tanner before your session it can be a photographers nightmare and doesn't allow for the natural beauty to shine through. 

Each session style can vary depending on personality and style one is looking for.

Don't worry your privacy is most important. I don't share images without your permission and its strictly confidential.

What to expect: 

Be prepared for your favorite music champagne and lots of fun! 


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